Meet Joanne, the creator of Crazzicute! 

The idea for Crazzicute started back in the early 2000s, recalling my experience growing up in a family with four sisters and a brother. Comfort wasn’t easy to come by and it was a benefit you had to fight for in a large family. But when you figure out what you don’t want, dreams of what you do want to begin to emerge. Mine showed up with ideas to start my own business based on comfort, style, and with families in mind. 

Later in 2016, I began to apply my goal to bring comfortable, affordable, and stylish clothes for families.  When I had nieces and nephews, I remember their parents always cutting itchy and irritating tags from their clothes. The idea to create clothes for children that would not only eliminate those annoying tags but would also be as soft as possible, sustainable, chemical-free, and durable as possible became my mission. Luxurious Pima cotton was the only choice for me to achieve the results I wanted. 

Since launching my business with a small line of items for both women and children, I’ve found expanding is the natural course I want to take. I’m heading back to the drawing board! My dream is to develop more products for families that will continue to provide the most pristine Pima cotton available, chic and catchy designs, and expand into other clothing and items for babies and children. Since having a child of my own, my imagination and dream for Crazzicute have flourished. I’m excited to see where it takes me in the future. I hope you’ll come along and go Crazzicute with me!